Thursday, February 16, 2012

Celebrating Love

This V-Day was a little different. My hubby had to go out of town for work (the kids and I are so happy he's back home!) so we celebrated with our traditional dinner before he left. P.F. Changs still tasted just as good even though it wasn't Valentine's Day. :)

By the time February 14th rolled around, it seemed like the holiday had already passed! But we still celebrated with heart shaped food, Harvey and I delivered his Valentines, and we hosted a little preschool Valentine Party.

A few of my friends have boys that are all the same age as Harvey. We decided to get together and do preschool with them one day a week. These boys are so fun and active.  It has been quite the challenge to keep them engaged for the whole hour. None of them really love to color at the table. ;)

We were actually scheduled for a field-trip this week, but I didn't call the Fire-station far enough in advance for a tour, so we decided to put that off and have a mini Valentine's Day party instead.

We made "This Much Cards" out of red and white paper, and ate a little snack of Milk with Ice Hearts, and Neopolitan Oreo Cookies... (the pink milk was a big hit).

We also played Red Heart, Green Heart.

I simply cut out one green heart, and one red heart and attached them to popsicle sticks. We played it similar to the game "Red Light, Green Light", but instead of running (and probably tackling) the boy in charge, I just had them wiggle, jump or dance when they saw the green heart. We kept reminding them that "Green means GO!", and "Red means STOP!" as they held up the hearts.

I also passed out little bags of candy hearts, and had the boys sort all of them by color. After sorting I had them identify which color they had the most of, then they could taste each one and tell everyone which color tasted the best.


  1. Thanks for letting me tag along for the preschool party! It was very fun! The craft was adorable. You made it look so easy. I hope to make one for my mom.
    Did you have chicken artichoke by any chance?

  2. You always have the cutest pictures of your kids.

  3. Hey Tiff! I awarded you a special blog award and featured you on my blog today:) Head on over and check it out and grab a "I was featured on Hopes and Dreams" button if you want. Hope you can play along!



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