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Operation: Baby Book

**These templates are now available for purchase in my store, scroll to the bottom of this post to purchase! Also, I have a tutorial on how to use them in Photoshop (HERE) , and another tutorial on how to use them in GIMP (HERE) , a totally free downloadable program similar to Photoshop.** When I was pregnant with Harvey, I found this fun and funny pregnancy journal: The Belly Book . I adored it.  This book includes pages for each doctor's visit, a monthly spot for cravings/aversions, ultrasound pictures, one page for each week with a spot for a picture and journaling, pages for why and how we chose his name, the labor and delivery story, and MUCH more. Plus it does it all with a humorous twist: Is the baby a girl? a boy? or a boxer? What is my current disposition? sunshine and happiness? partly sunny with a chance of showers? hormonal hurricane? I'm starting to feel like.... a fertility goddess? Humpty Dumpty?  I thoroughly enjoyed filling it out. And no - I didn&