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Going Green!

I've never celebrated St. Partick's Day more than wearing a little green. But now, I think it's one of my favorite holidays! Harvey and I both wore green today, and although Rylie wouldn't wear a green shirt, I talked her into wearing a shirt with some rainbows on it. Close enough. I told her that leperchauns were pretty tricky and to watch out for any tricks they were going to play on us. For lunch we had Spongebob mac and cheese, and after I added all the ingredients, Rylie got to stir. I snuck in some green food coloring and as she stirred it turned green! At first she thought it was because of the Spongebob version, and made me try it first. Then I offered her some milk... I put a couple drops of green food coloring in the bottom of her glass, and then poured the milk - it turned green in the cup right before her eyes. "Oh! Those tricky little leperchauns!" she said. It was great! (sorry the pic is blurry) We made lime Jell-O