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Decorative Take-out Boxes

My friends and I hosted a baby shower a couple weeks ago. We decided to have fortune cookies dipped in chocolate and sprinkles for our favors in honor of Chinese New Year (Feb 14th this year). We bought take-out boxes online, took them apart and cut out scrapbook paper to fit around them. Then we glued the paper on, and put the boxes back together. It was super easy, but it took us about 2 hours to make 20 while chasing our 14 & 18 month-old kids and a new puppy. While we were putting them together I thought it would be fun to be able to make your own take out box out of whatever scrapbook paper you had on hand, so I made a couple templates to share. Both of them are for a smaller box like I have pictured above, and they will print on a standard sized printer. 1. Outline Only (no program needed). Find some (thicker) scrapbook paper you want to use, cut it down to fit into your printer (about 8.5 inches) and print the outline on the sheet. I would recommend cardstock, or your

Photo Blocks

This is one of my favorite crafts to make. They are beautiful, simple, and interactive. They just call out to be picked up and enjoyed over and over again.   These are super easy and inexpensive to make.. all you need is: a wooden block (the bottom one in the pic is 3.5 inches, and the top one is 3 inches but you can do whatever size you want) 6 pictures (keep in mind the size of your block when you are choosing pictures) Mod Podge sanding paper or block (I use a drywall sander available in the paint section of a home improvement store) So, first things first. You HAVE to use professionally printed pictures for this project. The Mod Podge doesn't treat your home printed photo paper very well. Sorry. :) Trace your block right on your pictures. You'll sand the line off so you can do it right side up. Cut your squares out. Adhere the picture to the block with Mod Podge. To save time, I usually do two at a time - opposite each other on the block. This way you can pl

Cough Remedy

Our entire family has been sick. It's been awful. Harvey got it first, and he had a nasty little cough that would keep him from getting a good nap, or sleeping through the night. I remembered an e-mail I received about a month ago with a cough remedy using Vicks VapoRub, so I found it, tried it, and discovered it's amazing-ness! After both the hubby and myself contracted the nasty cough, we tried it - and it worked for us as well. Just in case you haven't got the e-mail... here is the new way to use Vicks VapoRub: