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Festive Food

Intentions. I've got a whole list full, and sadly, only one or two checked off. I even prepared these two adorable ideas early in order to post them for all of you - and yet, you still get them on St. Patrick's Day. Oh well. Save them for next year. First up: Rainbow Waffles I really love the idea of incorporating ideas and colors other than the traditional green. So when my friend posted these super cute Rainbow Pancakes on her blog, I fell in love. But I really don't like making pancakes. In fact, I only recently have been able to handle the flipping of those darn things. Inevitably, I always botch one or two. The second reason I'm not a fan of pancakes - is that I can't ever eat with the family. They must be made in batches, and the first batch is always gobbled up before I can even finish making the second. So I knew my version of a beautiful rainbow pancake photo wouldn't ever happen. I mean... there are NEVER 6 pancakes on the table at the same t