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12 Days of Halloween

I love advent calendars. I love counting down the days - especially when I get to do something fun on each of those days! But I don't have a ton of storage space in my house, so I had to come up with something that would save room when it came time to pack it away. I decided to use an ordinary muffin tin as my base, and I made 12 circles to cover each of the compartments. I debated on using my mini muffin tin, but my hubby said it was better to use the regular sized one so I could add a piece of candy for everyone inside. I scrapbooked and laminated my circles because I want to be able to reuse them, but you could just as easily cover your muffin tin in orange or black tissue paper and let your kids punch out the compartments each day. I stuck my circles on with removable adhesive putty. I also made up a list of fun "Halloweenish" things to do to get in the spirit. I printed it on orange paper, cut each idea apart from the others, and stuck one in each compar