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"{s}he Said What?" Book

My sister-in-law has an amazing mother. I am totally amazed every time I see or hear about something she has created. She just set up a blog to show it all off - and I absolutely LOVE a little something she just put on display. She calls it "She Said What?" I held onto a similar blank book for years not knowing just what to do with it. As soon as I saw her post, I set to work on my own rendition. Here is my "{s}he said What?" book - to fill in with all the little funny or quirky things that my children say throughout the years. I plan on adding a photo of Harvey in one of the boxes when he's 2, and I'll add pictures as needed after that.  It's a book for me. For my future forgetful mind. And no - the {s} is not an announcement, but a hope that sometime in my future years as a mother, I'll have a little "she".

Tie Onesie

When Harvey was tiny, I searched everywhere for a onesie with a tie printed on the front. But.. I never did find one. I thought about making one myself out of fabric, but I'm not a great seamstress and I wasn't sure if I could manage sewing the whole tie onto the front of a onesie. (I figured it would get all messed up while I was trying to turn it without sewing on the backside.) Anyway, I was at church last Sunday and I noticed a baby wearing a onesie with the tie sewn on only at the "knot" and I knew that was how I could finally make mine as well: Here's how you can make one too: Needed: Fabric for Tie Heat N' Bond Batting (a very small amount) Baby Onesie (size 3-6 months) 1. Download or print this Baby Tie Pattern: Here is an alternate link to download the file: Tie Onesie Pattern 2. Use the template to cut two copies out of your choice in fabric. Cut out a bit of Heat N' Bond and iron it to the lower half of the tie. Sew aro