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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Tie Onesie

When Harvey was tiny, I searched everywhere for a onesie with a tie printed on the front. But.. I never did find one.

I thought about making one myself out of fabric, but I'm not a great seamstress and I wasn't sure if I could manage sewing the whole tie onto the front of a onesie. (I figured it would get all messed up while I was trying to turn it without sewing on the backside.)

Anyway, I was at church last Sunday and I noticed a baby wearing a onesie with the tie sewn on only at the "knot" and I knew that was how I could finally make mine as well:

Here's how you can make one too:

  • Fabric for Tie
  • Heat N' Bond
  • Batting (a very small amount)
  • Baby Onesie (size 3-6 months)

1. Download or print this Baby Tie Pattern:

Here is an alternate link to download the file: Tie Onesie Pattern

2. Use the template to cut two copies out of your choice in fabric. Cut out a bit of Heat N' Bond and iron it to the lower half of the tie. Sew around the lower half of the tie with a quarter inch seam. Then take off the paper from the Heat N' Bond.

3. Turn the tie rightside out, then iron it smooth. Make sure the Heat N' Bond sticks (my thought is that it will stay glued together so ironing the tie is not needed after washing.) Cut another small piece of Heat N' Bond and iron it to one side of the knot.

4. Remove the paper backing and adhere the tie to your onesie. Then sew around the knot with a zigzag stitch. Before sewing over the top, stuff a little batting in to make the knot bulge out a bit. Continue with the zigzag stitch around the knot until you get to the bottom, then switch to a straight stitch to divide the knot from the rest of the tie.

Just trim all of the threads and you're finished. Hopefully you find them as cute as I do!!


  1. I am so doing this! I love all your great ideas! I did the father's Day cards as well, turned out so cute!!

  2. I found this on pinterest and just made my first onesies yesterday! They came out sooo cute and are way cuter than any other ties onesie I can find! Thanks for posting this!

    1. I'm so glad it worked for you! I'd love to see a pic - link it up! Thanks for stopping by..

  3. Just made one...a little different, but I love your idea of having the tie loose.

    1. How did you change it up? I'm always open to improvement!

  4. Nice tie i have no words to describe keep continue sharing.

    Adult Onesie

  5. https://www.facebook.com/Byhappycloud/photos/ms.c.eJw9zMENADEIA8GOThBsA~;03Fim58B2t7US7FGCorOvzH~;ICH4DLAklMwUpzhA30KTSAdSc5oHNa2parGAQ~-.bps.a.1549166932034706.1073741842.1487361841548549/1549166375368095/?type=1 Check this out! Your photo has been used for commercial purposes and unfortunately you are not the only one.

    1. Thanks! I left a comment on the facebook image, so if anything people can click the link to get to the tutorial here. :)



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