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Snowman Party

For my third annual Snowman Party, I decided to change things up a bit. Instead of just doing it with my nieces and their friends, I made up some invites and hosted the party here with Harvey's friends (and their moms - my friends). Anyway, funny story: I strapped Harvey in his car seat and headed out to deliver the invites. I drove up to the first house, left the car running, and ran up to the door. As I came back to the car and started backing up... Harvey started freaking out. He realized that we were at his little friend's house and wanted to stay and play. Imagine his horror when we had several other similar stops! For decorations, I wanted to keep everything clean and simple. I mean, snow is beautiful in its own right, so why shy away from that? Plus the cheezy snowmen I've collected throughout the years were already on display. I made up a cute (easy) little garland out of thread and cotton balls... I stuck with blue and orange as my colors, and I thin

12 Days of Valentines

My friend, Anna , is doing this for her hubby this year, and I've decided that I really want to do something special for my two boys as well. First up.. I made this advent calendar (just like my Halloween one ). I LOVE that I can use the cupcake tin for things other than baking, and that all the pieces don't take up any room in my storage boxes throughout the year. (credits & comments) I added some fun "lovey-dovey" candy and a little activity on a slip of paper for each day: Here's what Harvey and I are going to do: - Watch a "love story" movie. (We'll probably watch Lady and the Tramp, but other options are The Princess Bride, The Love Bug, or any Disney Princess movie.) - Color a Valentine Picture. - Eat an ice cream sundae - decorated with hot fudge and pink sprinkles! - Drink hot chocolate with a heart shaped marshmallow. - Decorate the house with hearts/streamers - Pink pancakes for breakfast - Create homemade valentin

Recycling Candles

I got lucky this year. My sister-in-law gave me a Scentsy candle warmer for Christmas. (I didn't even know what a Scentsy candle warmer was until November, but that's beside the point.) I was/am super excited! But at the same time, I was a little sad because Scentsy doesn't have my all-time favorite candle sent: Grapefruit Vanilla. And what was I supposed to do with my precious candle? Throw it in the garbage? Umm. No. First, I melted it down using a candle warmer. (Yeah - it took forever ; one of the reasons I'm super excited to make the switch to my Scentsy warmer.) Then I poured it into an ice cube tray, and set it in the freezer for about 20 minutes for it to harden. To remove the wax, I just wrung the tray over a paper towel and the cubes popped right out. (If you'd like to do the same, don't skip the freezer; it's the key to removing the cubes with ease.) I got excited, and did the same to every candle in the house! Let's just say Ju