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Princess & The Pea Party

Avery's birthday fell around the same time we were planning on blessing Max, and I decided it would be much easier for our family to come to one combined party. I debated on a theme - both girly and masculine - and finally decided on Princess and the Pea. As in, "our sweet pea." Justin didn't think all of the pink was very masculine, but oh well. I didn't do a whole lot of things that had to do with the theme, but I think it all went well together. Here's the invite: I made these delicious strawberry lime cupcakes (recipe from Your Cup of Cake , which is seriously my favorite cookbook ever!) and added a green lemonhead for the "pea". I made the centerpieces out of pink roses and a huge bag of frozen peas. It was so easy, and I thought it added just enough theme for a big munch/mingle kind of party. We normally bless our babies on Fast Sundays, which would have been perfect, because it fell exactly on Avery's birthday. But Justin