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Potty Training, Part 1

Potty Training. It's almost been like a dirty word around my house because... to be honest, I've been scared. I had all the excuses: Harvey hasn't been motivated (like at all ), I didn't want to train too close to when the baby would be born, we needed to adjust to Dad's new job, I needed to be getting more sleep at night so I'd have more patience during the process... etc. While I did want to make sure Harvey was ready, I think we waited mostly because I wasn't ready. Plus, in the spirit of full disclosure... it's just so convenient when Harvey has a diaper on. We don't have to stop mid-grocery-trip to dash to the bathroom. I can send him to a play date without worrying that my mom friends will have to change an accident with the extra stash of clothing I had to pack. But... it was time. Harvey said he wanted to wear big boy underwear about three weeks ago, so I jumped on it. We didn't wear diapers during the day at all, and I bought

Celebrating Love

This V-Day was a little different. My hubby had to go out of town for work (the kids and I are so happy he's back home!) so we celebrated with our traditional dinner before he left. P.F. Changs still tasted just as good even though it wasn't Valentine's Day. :) By the time February 14th rolled around, it seemed like the holiday had already passed! But we still celebrated with heart shaped food, Harvey and I delivered his Valentines , and we hosted a little preschool Valentine Party. A few of my friends have boys that are all the same age as Harvey. We decided to get together and do preschool with them one day a week. These boys are so fun and active.  It has been quite the challenge to keep them engaged for the whole hour. None of them really love to color at the table. ;) We were actually scheduled for a field-trip this week, but I didn't call the Fire-station far enough in advance for a tour, so we decided to put that off and have a mini Valentine's Day

Lovey-Dovey Food

I had lots of fun this year celebrating the holiday of love . For breakfast we ate pink pancakes with sprinkles ... Pin It  with Bacon Hearts ... (I found this idea via pinterest here ) Pin It They turned out so little and cute.. we loved them! I did change up the baking time a little from the original site: after arranging two bacon-halves in heart shapes on a foil lined baking sheet, I placed them in a 375 degree preheated oven. I let them bake for about 18 minutes then placed them on a plate with paper towel. Later, for lunch, we decided to continue with the heart theme. Pin It "Struck" Cherry Tomato Hearts: First, I cut two cherry tomatoes and placed them together to make a heart. I found this idea here , which also explains how to cut them. I did cut two arrow vanes (the little "feathers" on the end) and stuck them on the toothpick with a tiny glue dot, but only for the picture. Harvey still loved the hearts without them. In fact.. h

Orange You Glad?

(Oops! I was sure I scheduled this post for Friday! Sorry about that...) Starting tomorrow, Harvey and I will be doing our annual 12 Days of Valentines. For one of the activities, we are going to deliver his Valentines to some friends around the neighborhood. (using Fruits & Veggies , Glass Alphabet - Orange Fizz , Spring Garden Kit ,  & Transparency Alphabet - Blue by Miss Mint) I wanted to come up with something other than candy, since there is already a plethora of that going around. I know Sunny D wouldn't be classified as a healthy food, but it's probably better than a box of candy hearts. I just cut out my printable and stuck them over the label with clear packing tape. :) Pin It

Scratch & Win Valentine

This year I found the cutest Valentine ideas in the February issue of Better Homes and Gardens. Of course though, I had to make them cuter. ;) For my hubby I made up this Scratch & Win Valentine Ticket: Okay.. bear with the photo - I didn't want to scratch it off before I gave it to my hubby, so this shows what is printed under the silver/scratchable heart. Wanna make one?? It's really easy. 1. Make the background of your Valentine. I used the new He Loves Digital Scrapbooking Kit by Miss Mint at (If you don't digitally scrapbook, you could also just type the words in a word processor.) Type "prizes" in the heart shapes.  2. Print the card onto cardstock and trim. Print the heart outline for a template. Cut a piece of contact paper long enough to cover all the hearts, and trace your heart template onto the back (paper side) of the contact paper. Tape the contact paper to a flat surface, paper side down. 3. Mak