Thursday, February 16, 2012

Lovey-Dovey Food

I had lots of fun this year celebrating the holiday of love.

For breakfast we ate pink pancakes with sprinkles...

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 with Bacon Hearts... (I found this idea via pinterest here)

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They turned out so little and cute.. we loved them! I did change up the baking time a little from the original site: after arranging two bacon-halves in heart shapes on a foil lined baking sheet, I placed them in a 375 degree preheated oven. I let them bake for about 18 minutes then placed them on a plate with paper towel.

Later, for lunch, we decided to continue with the heart theme.
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"Struck" Cherry Tomato Hearts:

First, I cut two cherry tomatoes and placed them together to make a heart. I found this idea here, which also explains how to cut them. I did cut two arrow vanes (the little "feathers" on the end) and stuck them on the toothpick with a tiny glue dot, but only for the picture. Harvey still loved the hearts without them. In fact.. he really just loved the toothpicks. He ate all his dino nuggets using them!

Milk Ice Hearts:

For the milk, I just used a heart-shaped ice cube tray from IKEA to freeze some milk colored with red food coloring. We just plopped a cube into Harvey's glass of milk, and he loved watching it melt and turn his milk pink. (And so did his little preschool friends during our little Valentine Party. More on that later.)

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