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Shark Party!

Harvey is pretty much obsessed with underwater life. (Don't know why... we only have 3 fish tanks in our home). He was so excited about the thought of a SHARK birthday party. I thought it would be lots of fun to take a few kids to the aquarium, but our local aquarium relocated, and was closed during Harvey's birthday. So... I went with my second option - the local indoor pool. I took too long to reserve the room at the Rec Center, and it wasn't available by the time I called. So we started the party at our house. It actually worked out great, because I was able to decorate the night before and I had plenty of time to get everything ready. Our kitchen was taken over by sea weed! (Idea from Delia Creates .) And the best decoration of all, was Harvey's gift from Justin and I... a new fish tank (wait, did I say 3 tanks? The count is now at 4), with Glo Fish! They are so awesome! I wanted to come up with theme-friendly foods using spinach lin