Saturday, November 30, 2013

Shark Party!

Harvey is pretty much obsessed with underwater life. (Don't know why... we only have 3 fish tanks in our home). He was so excited about the thought of a SHARK birthday party. I thought it would be lots of fun to take a few kids to the aquarium, but our local aquarium relocated, and was closed during Harvey's birthday. So... I went with my second option - the local indoor pool.

I took too long to reserve the room at the Rec Center, and it wasn't available by the time I called. So we started the party at our house. It actually worked out great, because I was able to decorate the night before and I had plenty of time to get everything ready. Our kitchen was taken over by sea weed! (Idea from Delia Creates.)

And the best decoration of all, was Harvey's gift from Justin and I... a new fish tank (wait, did I say 3 tanks? The count is now at 4), with Glo Fish! They are so awesome!

I wanted to come up with theme-friendly foods using spinach linguine, but Justin talked me out of it (they are 5 year-olds, after all) so we just went with Pizza and some side dishes. We also had SEA-sar salad, but I didn't get a picture. Again, it was great that I didn't have to spend all morning making pasta and worrying that it would stay warm for everyone. Justin is good for me, I tell ya.

The blue ocean water bottles went fast! 

We just invited a couple friends and cousins to keep things simple, but there were quite a few adults as well because my aunt and cousins were in town for Thanksgiving. It was great to have them at our house for lunch and cupcakes even though they couldn't stay and swim. They got in their car to drive back to California right after the party. Harvey was thrilled that Bryanna could come to his party!

After lunch Harvey opened his gifts. He got some great dinosaurs, cars, clothes, cash, gift cards, and Legos. He was so excited! (And yes, his mother didn't even make sure the pizza was wiped off his face. Actually, she didn't even notice it was there!)

Then it was time for cupcakes. I seriously love how they turned out; don't they look just like little sharks swimming around? (The frosting was more blue in real life. And I got the idea from Spoonful.) I used the mint recipe from Your Cup of Cake, and it is quite possibly one of the best cupcakes I have ever tasted. 

Harvey loved all the attention when everyone was singing to him.. it was cute to watch. 

After the festivities at our house, we headed to the pool...

Despite his face, Max really did love the water and Avery was obsessed with this spigot.

Our amazing mothers came along to help me man the crowd from outside of the water.. (thanks so much!)

Oh, and I forgot to get a picture, but we handed out little favor bags with Swedish fish and a container of bubbles. I think the shark party was a success!

Here are some pictures of Harvey's 5 year photoshoot... he really wanted to wear his hat, so I went with it.


I love your silly sense of humor. You are always making me smile and laugh!

You are so kind. You share your toys and always make sure to include others in your schemes - including your little sister.

You are forgiving and quick to say "I'm sorry." You'll go far if you always keep that up!

You make friends so easily. I love that about you!

Your imagination is active... you always come up with a new scenario, and love to use dress-up items (hats, vests, swords, stuffed animals, walkie-talkies) to expand your new worlds.

You love to play... and you can make almost anything into a game (washing dishes, taking a bath, brushing your teeth, even making your bed)!

You are athletic. Your daddy loves to throw the football or kick a soccer ball with you. (Can't wait for the nicer weather to give you guys more space outside!)

You are growing like a weed! You are getting so tall, but who can blame you with parents like Dad and I?

You love school. I am so happy that you are flourishing there, and I love to see all of the creations you bring home often with funny names and stories behind each art project. And I love that you request to "do school" with me on days when you don't go to preschool.

I love you kiddo!

We were a couple of days late for the birthday pancakes (with family in town, Thanksgiving, Santa pictures and a birthday party I just couldn't get my act together).. but they were thoroughly enjoyed nonetheless:

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