Friday, January 28, 2011

12 Days of Valentines

My friend, Anna, is doing this for her hubby this year, and I've decided that I really want to do something special for my two boys as well.

First up.. I made this advent calendar (just like my Halloween one). I LOVE that I can use the cupcake tin for things other than baking, and that all the pieces don't take up any room in my storage boxes throughout the year.

I added some fun "lovey-dovey" candy and a little activity on a slip of paper for each day:

Here's what Harvey and I are going to do:

- Watch a "love story" movie. (We'll probably watch Lady and the Tramp, but other options are The Princess Bride, The Love Bug, or any Disney Princess movie.)
- Color a Valentine Picture.
- Eat an ice cream sundae - decorated with hot fudge and pink sprinkles!
- Drink hot chocolate with a heart shaped marshmallow.
- Decorate the house with hearts/streamers
- Pink pancakes for breakfast
- Create homemade valentine cards
- Make a heart shaped treat
- Make a Valentine hat
- Make Crayon Hearts
- Eat dinner by candlelight
- Eat a heart shaped sandwich for lunch

For those of you with older kids.. here are a few more ideas I can't wait to incorporate when Harvey is older:

- Bake some sweet treats and give them to a neighbor
- Sow seeds of love... start seedlings on our windowsill for Spring.
- Make a bouquet of paper flowers
- Play love song charades
- Play Valentine bingo
- Play steal my heart

Now.. onto my number one, Justin. I printed the same circles that I made for the advent calender at half-size, and laminated them to use as tags. I can write the sentiment on the back with permanent marker, and use them year after year (by erasing the marker with rubbing alcohol.)

Day 12: 12 love songs on a CD.
Day 11: 1 "one night from heaven". Umm. That was probably too much information. ;)
Day 10: 10 "sweet treats" (of whatever Harvey and I make for his advent... hehe)
Day 9: 9 sticks of gum (did you know most come with that many in a pack?)
Day 8: 8 chocolate kisses
Day 7: 7 chocolate covered strawberries
Day 6: 6-pack of his favorite soda
Day 5: 5 ways to say I Love You. I think I'll call, e-mail, text, facebook, and write him a note on this day.
Day 4: 4 of his favorite candy bars
Day 3: Make him breakfast in bed. 3 heart shaped pancakes...? Or this cute version of eggs/toast.
Day 2: 2 tickets to a movie.. of his choice
Day 1: 1 little book...

... made out of a deck of cards.

I got the idea, and the free downloadable template from Miss Mint at peppermintcreative.

What are you doing to make the special people in your life feel special this holiday??


  1.'ve got mad skills. I want to be as craft as you when i grow up.

  2. Wow that mini deck of cards is adorable!!! great idea :)

  3. This is awesome!!! THanks for stopping by my blog. I am in love with the design of your blog! It's so beautlful :)
    Happy weekend, Ali

  4. Those are some great ideas! I'm sure both your men will feel very loved.

  5. These are fabulous projects!!! I would love it if you linked to our Valentine Party!

  6. Thank you Thank you for linking!!! We featured you today!

  7. this is such a cute, fun project!!

  8. What fun for your family! I love how you tucked a little activity under each day!

  9. That mini deck is soooo cute and the muffin tin - LOVE! :)

  10. Great project - BUT that cards minibook is my fave thing I have seen in a while. I am making one for my husband this weekend. I LOVE IT!

  11. So very fabulous! Lovin' the deck of cards!! Visiting from Paper Issues!

  12. Hi there - referenced this post today when I created my own deck of cards. Thanks HEAPS for the inspiration

  13. thank you for these.

    coming up with *just* 52 will be easy peasy.

  14. oh my gosh. this whole post is incredible!

    consider me your newest follower!

    Lindsay :)

  15. Thanks for sharing! I found your ideas from pintrest and pinned the little muffin tin idea for the kids. Fun ideas! Thanks!

  16. Just stopping by to let you know that I've featured your craft on Family Fun Crafts! You can see it here:

    If you have other kid friendly crafts, I'd love it if you would submit them. :) If you would like to display a
    featured button on your site, you can grab one from the right side bar of your post above.

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