Thursday, March 17, 2011

Festive Food

Intentions. I've got a whole list full, and sadly, only one or two checked off.

I even prepared these two adorable ideas early in order to post them for all of you - and yet, you still get them on St. Patrick's Day. Oh well. Save them for next year.

First up: Rainbow Waffles

I really love the idea of incorporating ideas and colors other than the traditional green. So when my friend posted these super cute Rainbow Pancakes on her blog, I fell in love. But I really don't like making pancakes. In fact, I only recently have been able to handle the flipping of those darn things. Inevitably, I always botch one or two. The second reason I'm not a fan of pancakes - is that I can't ever eat with the family. They must be made in batches, and the first batch is always gobbled up before I can even finish making the second. So I knew my version of a beautiful rainbow pancake photo wouldn't ever happen. I mean... there are NEVER 6 pancakes on the table at the same time.
(For you picky folk. I am aware that there are actually 7 colors in a rainbow. But Wilton has yet to release an Indigo colored Icing Gel.)

So... when I saw these adorable Rainbow Waffles, I knew it was a perfect compromise. I love my waffle maker. And 2 "squares" is just about right for a kid, which means I get to eat the second batch - with the family.

Although I thought I had whipped cream in the fridge and actually did not, and I have a square waffle maker instead of a circular one... they were WELL received. (Make sure you check out the original to see how adorable the whipped cream clouds are.)

Next up... Pot O' Gold

Super simple. Just whip up a batch of lemon JELL-O Jigglers, cut 'em up and stick them in a black bowl. I even spotted tiny little "witches cauldrons" at the party store but didn't buy any. Or stick them in cleaned out lime-halves like Family Fun (the geniuses behind the idea...)

Also well received.


  1. Your waffles turned out so cute! I love that you worked with what you had and made square ones:) Thanks so much for the link!

  2. LOVE the waffles! They really look like a rainbow! Great job. Thanks for the link too :)
    Do you think I"ll see you this friday? :)


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