Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Going Green!

I've never celebrated St. Partick's Day more than wearing a little green. But now, I think it's one of my favorite holidays!

Harvey and I both wore green today, and although Rylie wouldn't wear a green shirt, I talked her into wearing a shirt with some rainbows on it. Close enough.

I told her that leperchauns were pretty tricky and to watch out for any tricks they were going to play on us. For lunch we had Spongebob mac and cheese, and after I added all the ingredients, Rylie got to stir. I snuck in some green food coloring and as she stirred it turned green! At first she thought it was because of the Spongebob version, and made me try it first. Then I offered her some milk... I put a couple drops of green food coloring in the bottom of her glass, and then poured the milk - it turned green in the cup right before her eyes.

"Oh! Those tricky little leperchauns!" she said. It was great!
(sorry the pic is blurry)

We made lime Jell-O jigglers, and I tricked her sisters by switching pistachio pudding into the Vanilla box. They were shocked when they added the milk.

We also made a shamrock toast using English muffins, cheese and green peppers. The girls weren't so sure about the peppers.

I found a really cute idea too late:

If you leave an empty treasure chest out the night before, the Leperchauns have to fill it with treasure, so next year I'll help them (or Harvey) decorate a shoebox like a treasure chest then fill it with chocolate coins and Rollos. So cute!

Here were some other great ideas:

Breakfast: Lucky Charms or green eggs and ham

Green apples, kiwi, lime jell-o, pickles, green grapes, celery, green beans, pistachio pudding

Gold Cookies: Ritz with PB inside, dip in melted butterscotch chips.

Pot of Gold: Lemon jell-o jigglers piled up in a bowl!

Dinner: Coat the inside of crockpot with green food coloring, add any cream based soup, let the kids stir...

Drink: Lime sherbet with sprite


"Can You Let Go of the Leperchaun's Gold": click here for the instructions
Legend says a leprechaun can't lie, but he can be very tricky -- just like this St. Patrick's Day challenge. Can you let his gold slip through your fingers?

Tiny Treasure Hunt: click here

Leperchaun's Jig: play irish music then have the kids freeze when stopped


  1. Wow Tiff - that's a lot of good info. Looks like fun, the girls are lucky to have you around!

  2. Those are such cute ideas!!! I should get more into the holiday...after all we have 3 relatives who were born that day!

  3. You are the funnest mom/babysitter in the world!! I am so bummed i didn't think of all this fun stuff! Next year, Next year.

  4. Come on girls, the bell pepper is the best part!! I can just see their eyes when things turned green!!

  5. So I haven't tried this on my kids yet, but when I was doing my student teaching my mentor teacher went all out on St. Paddy's Day. She cut a sponge into a tiny footprint and then used water soluble green paint to put leprechaun footprints all around the classroom. Then she turned tables and chairs over, rearranged shelves, etc. The kids had to follow the footprints and find clues in order to find the leprechauns treasure. At the end of the hunt they found a chest filled with gold wrapped chocolate coins. It was totally fun! I tried it out on my friends and roommates and we all had a good laugh!

  6. Going green has never been out of trend...coz I love green too! lol

  7. your little boy is so expressive! love it.
    Nichole (Paulsen) Luthi

  8. What great ideas and what a fun day! Harvey is so cute and he is getting SO big!


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