Friday, February 14, 2014

Dino Valentines

When I realized that Harvey would have a Valentine party at his preschool this year, I got really excited. (Hey, it's a first for both of us!) He helped me look on Pinterest for ideas, and he really wanted to give away cars on a Valentine that said, "I wheelie like you." So we went to the dollar store to check out their selection... but when we got there, the cars looked really cheap and we found these dinosaurs instead. He was excited that they glow in the dark and if you put them in water they expand. 

I got to work coming up with cute and funny phrases to go with them.. and my Laffy Taffy joke-loving side really started to show. Even though he only has eight kids in his class, I couldn't stop, so I made twelve. 

These four are my favorite:

Here's a printable PDF if you want to make some, although I removed the part about the dinos glowing in the dark so you could attach any dinosaur. To save, click the little arrow in the top right corner of the box below.

Here is an alternate link to download the file: Dino Valentines

I knew his teacher probably wouldn't really care for an expanding rubbery dinosaur, so we got her soap instead. I downloaded the tag from My Own Road and I think it turned out so cute, I just might do that every year!

When Harvey got home from school, he was so excited to show me his little decorated bag and all his Valentines. His favorite? A heart shaped noise maker. (Oh joy.)


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