Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Pioneer Day Fun

To celebrate July 24th (aka Pioneer Day in Utah) we headed over to Justin's parents' house for a barbeque and fireworks. I volunteered to bring dutch oven peach cobbler for dessert. Yum!

I also brought materials for the kids to make their own edible covered wagon (found the idea on Secrets of a Super Mommy.) My pictures are terrible, but you get the idea... The kids liked making them, and we all thought they turned out pretty cute, but the kids didn't eat them and they ended up in the garbage. Just sayin'.

But my favorite part of the night were the games. I brought fabric strips for a three-legged race, and we had a race between the adults, and a race for the kids. It was so fun! (Okay, so this video is like a minute and a half long, and most of it is just "race prep", so if you just want to see the actual race... it's the last 20 seconds. :)

Then we did stick-pulls (because that was one of Joseph Smith's favorite games); some of us got really intense!

And then it was time for fireworks.  

I can't wait to continue these traditions every year. We also have a couple of ancestors who either knew Joseph Smith or were part of the Willie Handcart Company. I really want to put together something like a children's storybook to share these with my kids - and the other cousins. Hopefully next year.

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