Monday, June 18, 2012

Daddy Candy Gram

Like a month ago, candy bars were on sale at the grocery store so I stocked up. I knew I wanted to do a candy gram for Justin on Father's Day, even if I didn't know what I wanted it to say exactly. In the end, it all worked out and I only had to run back and buy a couple more specific bars. I wrote most of it myself, but I also got help from this site. :)

Here's what Harvey and I came up with...

Jud loved it.

I think Avery was a little put out that it wasn't for her.


  1. This is perfect, I absolutely LOVE what you wrote!!!!

  2. Clever. I was wondering what you were gonna say with skor bar, but he is a basketball star. I made one for Mike last year for anniversar. Mike is like Joey on friends "he doesn't share food." It was rough letting my favorite candy sit in the cupboard waiting for him to eat. Hopefully with your amazing self control with no dairy it won't be to difficult.

  3. Hi, I didn't know how else to contact you. I LOVE your blog and would like to see if you would be interested in doing a giveaway for your readers. Would you mind emailing me back at Thanks!

  4. You melted my heart! My mom used to make these for everyone back in the 80's but I haven't seen one since her passing 19 years ago. I by chance clicked on a button from another blog and this is the first thing I see. I am sold and now following you! Thanks for making my day!!

    1. What a sweet story! I'm glad you found me... :)


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