Thursday, April 5, 2012

Glow-In-The-Dark Easter Egg Hunt

When I saw this idea on Pinterest via Play At Home Mom, I knew I wanted to do it for myself. I went to Michaels and purchased some small LED lights to put inside the eggs, and stuck them inside the eggs right away.

Harvey's little friend, Brina, came over and I hid the eggs in his room for them to find. They loved it!!

Brina told Harvey the pink and purple eggs were just for her... so Harvey said the orange ones were for him.

Seriously.... SO much fun. The kids asked me to hide them again and again, so we had an egg hunt in every room of our home!


  1. How fun! I really want to do this. I have great plans for next year since I'm running out of time this year.

  2. We did this too! Afton was in heaven. She kept leaving the room so I could hide them all again!!! Looks like Harvey was having fun!


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