Thursday, September 23, 2010

Special Plate

When my husband and his four brothers were young, his mom had a tradition. She had a "You are Special" plate. And when that plate made an appearance on the dinner table, it meant that one of those boys was getting recognized.

Whatever those boys did that deserved recognition isn't really important. I'm sure some of the time it was for something great - like a birthday or an A on a really hard assignment at school. But the other times I think it might have been used to recognize a boy that made the right choice on a tough decision, or maybe just a good change in attitude around the house.

When my husband told me about this tradition, I knew I wanted to incorporate it into our family. And when I saw that you could upload your own picture and have it printed on a plate HERE (and on sale), I knew it would fit the bill perfectly.

So I digitally scrapbooked what I wanted to be on the plate, and sent it in. And when it came in the mail... I was pleased as punch with my little creation:

If you don't scrapbook, you could send in a picture of your child to be printed and use it the same way, or you could check out these other options from


  1. This is a great idea! I love the idea of a special plate. I might just have to get one . . . Do you think I could "borrow" your photoshop picture?

  2. We received a "You Are Special Today" plate as a wedding gift and we always use it on birthdays, but I never thought to use it on other days of childhood greatness. I'm so going to incorporate that into the plate's usage!

  3. Thanks for dropping by my blog and commenting. You've got some clever ideas here. I looked through several of your recent posts. I remember we used to have a "You are special" plate but it wasn't nearly as fancy as this one. I think it's a great idea. I don't know if you've seen my daughters' craft blog but you may want to exchange some ideas.

  4. Awww - it turned out great! I should have done it too! Dang

  5. This is awesome!! You did such a great job designing it! It makes the two that I have look so boring.


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