Friday, January 15, 2010

Birthday Ideas: 1 Year

I know I say this every month, but I can't believe how old my baby is!!! Regardless, I had a ton of fun planning his first birthday party. I made three of these felt garlands:

For each garland, I used one "page" of felt in each color (yellow, blue, red, green and sparkly white). I traced circles about 2 inches in diameter so there were 20 circles on each felt sheet. After cutting them out, I just lined them up and sewed one straight line down the center. No pinning.. because I hate pinning. I added a little ribbon on each side to help with hanging (but we just taped them to the windows anyway... sheesh.)

My mom has a birthday banner made from cardboard (she bought it at a party supply store, and it doesn't sound cute, but it is.) Each year growing up I loved walking in the door after school to see that banner hanging for my birthday. I wanted something like that for each of my kids as well - something to make them feel special year after year. I saw this banner in my friend, Hannah's etsy store, and I decided to make one. I changed it just a tiny bit by making the letters with cotton fabric (white sparkly!) instead of felt, and by adding "CONGRATS" on the back of "BIRTHDAY" to get more use out of it. I liked how hers could be tied together or hung separately - so the "congrats" side could be hung alone. I love the way it turned out!

Once I was on - I spent a whole afternoon (or day...) browsing the 5,000 birthday items. It was really addicting. But I found this idea, and it was totally worth it:

I just whipped these up in Photoshop... and glued them on wooden skewers cut in thirds. I made some in red, blue, yellow and green. For the stars, I microwaved airheads (and yellow starbursts) for a few seconds, rolled them flat, then cut out the shapes with cookie cutters. I did the same thing for his cake but with the letters of his name: Harvey is 1!

After the party, I took a picture of Harvey playing/wearing each gift then added it to personalized thank you cards:


  1. Your decor is stinkin' cute! My neighbor's little guy was sportin' that exact same Birthday Boy outfit yesterday. I love the idea of microwaving Airheads and cutting them with cookie cutters; you're so creative! Maybe one day...if I ever procreate...I'll steal your ideas.

  2. Fun party Tiff! We had a great time!

  3. Wow he is already a year old?! That went by really fast huh? I'm glad that he had a happy birthday and all went well, you are such a cute little mommy!

  4. Hello, Miss Crafty! Cute, cute, cute! It looks like you planned a great party.

  5. Holy cow! I didn't realize there were that many people there! No wonder Grandma's house is trashed by the end of the night. Now why didn't you want the party at your house again? Fluffy girl was looking at pics from the party and she said "that is the house I am going to have my birthday party"...we'll see!

    It's a good thing you found your clam!

  6. Great banner Tiff! Glad you used my banner for inspiration. Birthdays are fun times! I probably had more fun decorating/planning Samuel's last party than he did participating. Well, I hope he didn't anyway.


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