Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Bubbles (Day 6)

So, I had a "great" recipe for homemade bubble solution. It said to include glycerin (I'm not even sure what that is exactly) and that I could find it for relatively cheap in a pharmacy. Well, I went to Smith's and Walmart, and the only glycerin they have is in capsule form as a LAXATIVE! Imagine the employee's faces when I asked if I could get 2 cups or more of it in liquid form. :) Anyway, someone told me to just add sugar (to help make the bubbles more "unpoppable") so I did. And it made bubble gel. Seriously. It barely poured out into the flat pan! I added more water and we made do.

This contraption was a hit! It's called a Foamerator. All you do is cut off the end of a waterbottle, and attach an old rag (I cut mine into 4 squares) with a rubberband. Then just get the washcloth wet, dip it in the bubble solution and blow in the other end. It actually makes TONS of bubbles, but we all got so soapy I had to put the camera away. Try it!

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  1. I'm so making the foamerator for my boys! It looks awesome! And by the way, the only place I've every found glycerin is at Albertson's. It was a pain to find and I usually just make do without it. :-)


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