Sunday, October 26, 2008

Halloween Craftiness

Every Halloween we have a party with Justin's family, and I always volunteer to bring dessert. (As I mentioned in a previous post.. I LOVE dessert) but I also love to make seasonal crafty desserts as well. This year, I decided to make skeleton cupcakes - and they were super easy!

Each family was also assigned to bring a game or craft for the kids to do, so I brought stuff to make Flowerpot Pumpkins. These three are mine, and silly me - I forgot to get a picture of the kids' creations!


  1. TOO CUTE!! These look fun! Hope you guys had a great time!

  2. I having a cuteness chocolate cupcake seizure as we speak. How am I typing, you ask? That's for me to know.

  3. wow a new hidden talent! okay maybe not hidden for you but i had no idea you were such a crafy person! sooo cute. i'll order a dozen thank you.

  4. Those cupcakes are so freakin' cute! Did you use royal icing for the bones or just the gel stuff you buy at the store? I think these are FHE worthy!

  5. um, great photos!!! And great ideas too.


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