Friday, March 21, 2014

Our General Conference Center.... New and Improved

I've been wanting to add a few things to our Conference Board, and I finally made the time to sit down and get it done. I'm so excited for my kids to use the updated board in a couple of weeks!

Here is the whole board, so you can see where I added new items:

I wanted to change the music section a little, because I noticed that Harvey didn't really do anything with it unless I prompted him. I figured it was probably because he couldn't read the words, so now that section is non-reader friendly. I split the two arrows up - one for the choir, and one for who is singing (men, women, or both). I also added little pictures of an organ and a music stand. I also included both a male and a female guest conductor, and a guest organist.

I also added a map. Jen Lund had a map on her original board, and I went back and forth on including it due to space, but I finally decided to make it work. I added an airplane, like she has, to move around any time a country is mentioned. I also added 5 of our favorite temples, so my children can place them on the map wherever new temples are announced.

I also liked her idea of placing her family members in attendance on their couch watching Conference, but I couldn't figure out where to add that feature due to space. Now I have added a picture of our family on the couch to move from session to session instead of the temple. (This isn't included in the download... for obvious reasons.)

I also wanted to add a little more diversity to our anonymous Quorum of the 70s guys, since there are men called from all over the world, after all. I added a couple more skin colors.

Lastly, I added a spot for my kids to write in a couple of the statistics given during General Conference; total members of the church, full-time missionaries, and total operating temples in the world. (Don't trust those numbers, I just guessed for the pictures.) The dry erase marker will wipe off the contact paper with a tissue.

Instead of trying to keep two different posts updated with the free printables, I'll update the first post. Just head back to the original General Conference Center post to download and make your own. :) 


  1. Thanks for the updates. I made a board 3 conferences ago. My daughter loves it!!!

  2. Love this board! Made it for this last conference. Thanks for sharing all of your hard work.

    Are you going to make a new file with the calling changes made during this last conference (April 2014)? I would love to have the pictures already for October's conference. Or I don't mind making my own, what font do you use on the bottom of the pictures for the names? Thanks for all your help.

    1. I finally had a chance to update the file, which you can find on the original post (linked above). :)

  3. I am having a hard time getting the files to download. Only 2 of the 4 will open for me. Am I doing something wrong?

    1. I finally had a chance to check this out... and Dropbox disabled the link as a "precautionary feature" - who knows why. Anyway, I updated all of the links, and also added the new Sunday School Presidency and 70's Presidency into the file. Try it again!

      P.S. I update the original file each time, so you don't need to download or print the updates if you are putting this together for the first time. The updates are just for those who downloaded and put together the board before the new people were called. :)


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