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Babysitter's Handbook

I used to babysit - a lot. And I remember showing up, following the parents around listening to a mouthful of instructions, rules, and suggestions of what I needed to do that night. Then they would leave and I would forget half of it. It would have been so helpful to have a little handbook to refer to if I wasn't sure I remembered what they told me. So I decided when I was a parent, I'd make one for my babysitters. Justin and I left Harvey with my mom for 4 days while we went to Bear Lake with his family. I printed up my handbook just in time for our trip. I have a tendency is to kind of overdo things. But I figure for something like this, I'd rather have too much info than not enough, you know?? Here are the things I included: Emergency Info: - our cell numbers & work numbers - our home address with directions from the nearest intersection - info about Harvey: age, height, weight, SSN, allergies, birth date - Emergency Contacts - poison control phone number

Checklist Placemat

Last year in my Family Fun Magazine there was an idea to create a placemat with checklists on each side: one to do at home before school, and the other for things to take when the kids go. I love lists, so when Wendy released her new School Days kit I had to make some for my nieces. Hopefully their mornings will go a little smoother with the placemats. The Family Fun website also has their checklist placemat tutorial online. (credits & comments) I printed three copies on 8.5 x 14 inch paper, then laminated them for durability. Aren't they cute??