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Friday, November 29, 2013

Thanksgiving Fun...

I have always felt that I needed more Thanksgiving decor, but I wasn't sure what I wanted exactly. This year.. I finally had a vision.

I found a simple metallic turkey that I loved at Home Goods, and I used some of the fabrics from Avery's monthly pictures to make a "Be Thankful" banner. I absolutely love how it turned out. Not only the colors make me happy, but the fact that each pendant is a little pouch for an advent calendar!

I feel like the Christmas season is always so full: full of fun activities, full of places to go and people to visit, full of to-dos, and I also like to focus on Christ with my Christmas devotionals. I always have good intentions on doing a service advent in December, but it is just another thing on the list. And it often gets left undone. So, what better time to have a little activity each day reminding us of something we are grateful for, and a prompt to do some act of service to show that gratitude in November?

I wrote each prompt on a colored cardstock leaf, and after we completed the activity, we hung it on the tree. It was fun to see the tree get full of color from all of the different things we are blessed with. It was seriously awesome to see my children respond to the fun activities. Plus, it gave us a thankful spirit just in time for the Christmas season.

We did things like:

- I'm grateful for my sister! Do an act of service for her.
- We are grateful for treats! Make a treat and share them with a friend.
- We are grateful for toys! Sort through your toys and pick a few to give away.

- We are thankful for turkeys - make one! I hung them in the kitchen:

And I also took some pictures of the kids playing in the leaves as well... (we are thankful for nature)

The kids were cracking me up, as they kept trying to cover ME in leaves!

It was fun to see how full of wonder Max was with the leaves. He studied them so intently...

We were also grateful for our neighbors.. so we helped them out by sweeping and cleaning off their sidewalk. The kids enlisted their friends to help out.

On Thanksgiving Day, we headed over to Justin's parents' house for dinner. I lent my camera to Heather when we went down to visit her and baby Maya in the hospital (hers died or broke or something), so we didn't take our usual family photo before we left. I just had Monique snap one with her camera for our Book of Gratitude this year. It's far from perfect, but it will do.

I made this little outfit for Max (I found the idea on pinterest)... and I really love how it turned out! I was going to match it with pants, but then I found these little baby legs from when Harvey was a baby, and I thought they were perfect!

I am so blessed! I have an amazing, hardworking husband who loves me, and three beautiful, healthy children. Our families are both loving and supportive, and we live in such an amazing ward/neighborhood. Most of all, we have the knowledge of our loving Savior and His Atonement so we can continually become better and more like Him. 

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