Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Max - 3 Months

Max's latest...
- holds his hands together (so cute!).
- has found his hands and sucks on his fingers.
- still loves his swing.
- will fall asleep completely on hos own when swaddled in his crib.
- knows when he wakes up it is time to eat.
- loves to "talk" to us.
- smiles easily at everyone.
- sleeps a 9-10 hour stretch at night.
- lets out a huge burp after eating with no patting at all.
- so happy and content as long as he is fed and his diaper is changed.
- uses his toes to scoots up on his back.
- never went bald.. Yay! (excerpt for a little patch he rubbed off in the back.)
- pushes his feet against anything they touch - and loves t9 stand in your lap with your support.

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