Saturday, October 12, 2013

Max: 2 Months

I am already feeling overwhelmed by this chalkboard photo project... and one of my favorite things about Harvey's monthly photos is that I can see him in my favorite outfits that he only wore for a short time. So, I'm bagging the above project. I'm just going to take a few snapshots of Max each month in my favorite little clothes of his, and call it good. :)

Max's latest...
- tries to talk to us
- can go to sleep pretty well on his own
- loves his swing
- took a bottle like a Ƨhamp... from Mom!
- still spits up, but only right after eating.
- has almost mastered the burp, unless he is asleep. Then it is impossible.
- sleeps a 7-8 hour stretch at night.
- loves Harvey and Avery, and gives them big smiles.
 - still doesn't really like being strapped in his car seat
- is very strong. He loves to kick his legs and keep them straight during a diaper change. And he can hold his head up really well.
- is the happiest baby we have ever seen!
- loves watching the fish in our tanks.
- can only be unswaddled for a while when awake. His arms start flailing and he gets upset.
- doesn't like being left alone in a room and will let us know!

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