Saturday, December 15, 2012

The Camel

Song: "Jesus is Our Loving Friend" (Children's Songbook 58) or "I Love to Pray" (Children's Songbook 25)

The Secret of the Camel
The camel is an interesting animal. It is not one of the most beautiful. It has thick matted hair that falls off in clumps. It has knobby knees and a big hump on its back. It is referred to as a ruminant because it regurgitates its swallowed food to chew again, and then swallows it again. However, the camel is a wonderful pack animal. It is used for transportation in many countries. Camels can carry up to six hundred pounds and average twenty miles a day over rugged terrain. They can travel in hot conditions and go for long periods of time without water. They truly are amazing animals. Regardless of its looks or mannerisms, a camel is loved by its master, for it is useful, obedient, and needed.

Here is the camel's secret... Each night, at the end of a long day, the camel kneels at the feet of his master. His master carefully lifts the burden from the camel's back so it can rest comfortably through the night. The next morning, the camel kneels again before his master, and the master gently places the burden on the camel's back for another day. He is careful to rearrange things here or there if he sees that the pack is wearing a sore spot. This enables the camel to carry his burden for another day.

How can we be like the camel?
At Christmas, we celebrate the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ. Throughout His life, the Savior was referred to as Master. He loves us regardless of our looks or mannerisms. He desires for us to be useful and obedient. May we practice the secret of the camel. As we kneel each night at the feet of our Master, may He lift our burdens, that we may rest well and comfortably. As we kneel each morning, may we realize that He knows of our pain, our suffering, and our sorrows, for He has felt them all. May our faith in the Lord Jesus Christ be sufficient to help us carry our burdens... for just one more day.

Credit: Rebecca Pulliam, Averdeen, Idaho, The Twelve Days of Christmas Encore! by Betty Van Orden

Other Ideas: Read "The Last Straw" by Fredrick Thury. Or take turns wearing a heavy backpack, walk around to feel the burden, then kneel down to have the burden removed/adjusted.


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