Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Christmas Advents (and a free printable!)

Before I start up with all of our mini devotionals.. I wanted to show you all of our Christmas Advents. (I love advents: Valentine's Day, Easter, Halloween...)

Here are two of our advents.. the Santa one I downloaded from this site (you have to sign up, but it's free). I liked that I could save printer ink by letting Harvey color it, but as you can see.. coloring is not really his favorite thing. That took about 15 seconds and he was done. In case you can't read the poem...
Santa's beard is very bare,
On his chin, there is no hair.
So each day add a puff of white,
When they are all on, he'll come that night.
The tree advent is actually 2 different advents combined. First I found this adorable tree advent (again, you have to sign up, but it's free), but then when I saw this candle one (print pages 24-26), I decided I liked how it incorporated Jesus, so I printed off the candles to use instead.

Anyway, you look up the scripture written on each day, then figure out what name of Christ it mentions, then add that candle to the calendar. Harvey loves them both.

I made our last advent two years ago, and I love it because it's so versatile. You can put whatever you want inside the muffin cups. In the past, I've added a piece or two of candy, and a little slip of paper with a fun activity or craft written on it. This year I only put activities in a few. I also added a cotton ball for the Santa beard advent.

I know you only see 12 spots, and that is because I just replace the opened spots with higher numbers as we go. You could certainly fill 2 muffin tins from the beginning, or you could buy a tin that has 24 spots. I just like the size of ours. Oh, and I printed the circles, laminated them, and stuck them over the holes with putty. You could also print them on magnetic paper, or add magnets to the back once you've laminated them.

Do you want to make one? Wendy (the designer of these cute scrapbook elements) said that since the products I used are now discontinued, I could share my creation with you. Merry Christmas!

Here is an alternate link to download the file: Muffin Tin Christmas Advent

I need some new ideas for activities to put inside mine... what are your favorite traditions to do at Christmastime?

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