Friday, October 12, 2012

Conference Recap & Treat Buckets

Last weekend turned out much better than I had even hoped. It was General Conference, and I look forward to that weekend every 6 months. I love hearing the words of our prophet and apostles and filling my spiritual tank.

Plus, I was SO excited to pull out our General Conference Center board for Harvey. I was very hopeful that it would keep him busy enough to let me listen to the speakers. During the first session, I only had the board and some coloring pages for him. And it worked pretty well. He loved moving the speakers to the pulpit, and placing them in their seats afterward, but he was only half interested in listening and finding the topics cards to correspond with what they were saying. 

Then I remembered this idea. I pulled out the tin buckets I had from Avery's birthday party and wrote down a topic on each that I wanted to listen for (who says I can't be rewarded for listening?), and told Harvey that if he listened and found a topic card to add to the speech bubble then he could pick one piece of candy out of any bucket. He decided he liked those cards a lot. 

In fact, he listened so well, it was borderline distracting for me because he had to verify every word he heard.
"He said missionaries! Right, mom?!"
"Yes, son."
"So I get a piece of candy, right?"
Three seconds later, "I heard Jesus!! More candy! Yay!"
"Mom, she said snuggle. Where's that card?"  
After the first couple of talks I thought we might run out of candy, but he calmed down a bit after that and we were able to listen to most of the talks. I even took notes in my conference journal!

Next time, I hope to have a packet printed out for him to fill in the gaps. But all in all, it was leaps and bounds better than in the past. My favorite part was probably that I could positively redirect him when a new speaker took the stand rather than constantly remind him to be quiet or leave.

Seriously, I am so lucky to live in Utah. We can sit in our sweats comfortably in our living room to hear our leaders words. Now, to get busy on some of the things they inspired me to do!!

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