Friday, September 7, 2012

Avery's Milestone Updates

I can't believe my baby girl is almost one!!! I'm currently in the middle of fun birthday party plans and I can't wait to show you all the details. But for now... here are all the little tidbits about what she has been up to lately:

9 Months
- can crawl! And shes quick too..
- can pull herself up to standing on all sorts of things.
- loves to gab.
- now has 2 teeth
- loves to eat anything and everything you put on front of her
- will put her hand up to her ear like she is talking on the phone
- can to wave by opening and closing her hand
- knows the difference between mom's phone and her play phone
- is a little clingy toward Mom. She will go to others if they bribe her though... with food.
- loves taking baths with Harvey. But she doesn't know what to think about the bubbles.
- hates holding still to get her diaper changed.

10 Months:
- loves to clap.
- climbs stairs. And she can turn herself around to go down them feet first on her belly too.
- sleeps about 10-11 hours at night.
- dances (bounces) when she gets excited.
- loves playing with Harvey's toys - or whatever he's got, she wants
- can knaw on just about anything soft, she wants to eat what we are eating at the dinner table - not so much her baby food
- has been to California, Sea World, the San Diego Zoo, rafting on the Green River, and did great on all of the trips!
- can say "ya", "mama", and "dada"
- likes to walk around while holding on to someone's fingers.
- cruising around on furniture.
- likes to sing along to songs on the radio, or when we sing in church (she says "ahhhhhh" and rocks her head.)
- will lean in toward you to "give a kiss"
- loves her little pink blankies
- love being read to; her favorite books are the ones with flaps or fuzzy spots to touch.
- sips drinks from a straw (she hasn't quite gotten the hang of a sippy cup yet).
- likes pulling drawers and cupboards open.
- loves going on walks in the stroller.

11 Months:
- has finally ditched that early morning feed, and now sleeps 11-12 hours at night.
- loves food. She loves to nurse, loves to snack, and loves to have a taste of whatever anyone else has.
- is a big fan of spaghetti.
- has a current obsession with doors. She loves to open and close them, and get stuck in rooms with them. If a door opens, she crawls as fast as she can over there to be involved. Especially with the refrigerator door.
- knows that a dog says "ah, ah" and a duck says "waa, waa"
- loves to dance
- climbs everything including: people, the couch, the slide (attached to our swing set), into boxes, into the kitchen cupboards, and into our cousin's toy dump truck.
- playing "with" Harvey. She prefers his toys to anything else. Whatever he is playing with, she wants.
- has taken 3 steps on her own with Daddy's encouragement, but for now, she would rather hold your hand.
- uses the sign for "all done" when she's finished eating.
- loves animals.
- finally mastered the sippy cup!
- has 4 teeth. (Two bottom center, front tooth left, and the one next to it on the left.)
- loves moving things in and out of boxes, baskets, purses, and bags.
- helps get dressed by pushing her arms through her sleeves.
- joins in laughing when others laugh.

And.. note to self: keeping an active baby on a 2 yard sheet of fabric hard. Getting a great photo of that baby on a 2 yard sheet of fabric is next to impossible. 


  1. Avery is too cute! I think you did a great job getting those pictures! And you are always so good at documenting milestones. I need to be better at that. Can't wait to see what you have planned for her birthday. Amelia's is this week and I have hardly planned anything. Oh well! Have fun and post lots of pictures of her big day!

  2. ;) Baby is very cute ;) have nice day and visit me and leave a comment


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