Wednesday, August 29, 2012

More Mom's Club...

Have I mentioned I love my neighborhood? I love the location, the large trees that line the street, and the low property taxes! But most of all.... I love the ladies that live here.

We got together almost every week this summer to play at the park, go swimming, or hike around a lake but I only brought my camera a few times. I'm kind of sad it's all over!

Around Pioneer Day we had a parade. We met up at the flood run off, grassy area park to decorate our bikes and strollers with balloons, flags, and streamers. I brought my 4th of July banner for the stroller...

When everyone was happy, we lined up for a group shot:

Then we took off for a trip around the neighborhood. We started off by telling all of the kids to say behind the double stroller because we would be walking on a busier road...

You can see how well the kids followed directions:

Oh well. By that time we were on the less busy roads. But the kids had fun.

Although, it was really hot. The second we walked in the door when we got home we busted out the popsicles!

We also tried out a new splash park: Mountview Park (1651 E. Fort Union Blvd). It was really busy - but oh so fun.

(Sorry friends, apparently these two are always in my line of sight... I'm feeling bad that I didn't get more pictures of the other kids!)

Funny story... while chatting with the other moms I periodically check to make sure Harvey is in my line of sight and playing happily with the other kids. During one of these checks I noticed him playing on a bouncy-horse-teeter-totter-thingy with a .... man? Upon closer inspection I saw that it was a teenaged boy. Umm, okay. They seemed to be playing nice, so I just kept my eye on them. Then Harvey came back to where the other kids were so I didn't think anything of it and started chatting again.

Then my friend Rachael calmly said, "Tiff, I think Harvey wants to get off..." And I look up to see Harvey screaming his head off on some death-trap contraption that looked like a funnel and could be spun around at speeds that should never be seen at any children's park. It was up high; high enough that the younger kids - Harvey included - couldn't climb up on their own. I didn't worry about it previously because he couldn't access it! But as I jumped up and ran over to where he was, I quickly scanned the situation... Harvey and previously mentioned teenaged boy were inside the funnel, while two other teenaged boys were spinning the thing as fast as they possibly could. All three were WELL within rage (duh, they were within 2 feet of the poor child) to know that Harvey was scared out of his mind and wanted off. I turned into a mama bear and screamed at the boys, "What the HELL?!", while shoving the two boys out of the way to stop the apparatus. They looked a little scared. "What were you THINKING? WHO puts a three year old on this thing then spins it as fast as they can?" I grabbed Harvey, and they quickly apologized.

After Harvey realized he was not going to die (like 30 seconds after I grabbed him) he was ready to go play with the kids his age. Note to self... teenaged boys can be pretty stupid.

Best part? The look on the kids' (that know me) faces when I got back to the blanket where we were sitting. Apparently, I taught them a new swear word. Oops.


  1. Laughing...out loud...I can't even tell you how much I miss you! I love that your mama bear came with a bit of rough language. It makes me giggle...and feel better about my slip ups as a mom. :-)

    I also really miss the moms club in the old neighborhood. There isn't anything akin to it here and I wish there were. It is such a great (and easy) way to give the kiddos a play date and get some adult conversation at the same time. I know I'm just lazy, but it gets to be such a hassle to have to call and schedule actual play dates all the time because none of Matthew's friends live close enough that he can just walk over and knock on their doors.

  2. The parade looks like fun. I wish we could have made that one. Thats awesome that Harvey likes his bike. I wish Colin would give it a try.

    Avery is such a beautiful baby.

    I wish I would have been there to see the boys faces. I agree teenage boys are stupid.


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