Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Girls Camp

This year I was in charge of the "cutesy and crafty" stuff at girls camp. Umm, hello?! Perfect calling, right?

Our ward was assigned the value knowledge and it's corresponding color: green. Each ward had to come up with their own "watery harbor" to go along with the Stake's theme of Lighthouse of the Lord. We put it in the girls' hands, and they came up with Learning Lagoon and a mermaid theme.

First up? T-shirts.

One of our girls is an artist, so I had her draw a mermaid with a book in hand to symbolize knowledge. Then I had each girl use a stencil to trace and cut out their own mermaid out of black fabric. We used iron-on transfer to adhere it to the shirts, and then just used stencils and black sharpies to write our last names. The girls wanted everything on the back just like a jersey, so we went with that.

Another one of the girls had an idea to cut the stretchy neck off the t-shirt right before the sewn hem to make them look  a little wider-neck. I really like how it turned out! (And it was more comfortable that way too.)

Our Stake wanted us to make a Ward Banner, so we used the same design:

Our awesome camp director, Karen, came up with the best idea. We had our own Tree of Knowledge by day that transformed into the Tree of Life by night. She found solar, star-shaped twinkle lights that we strung on the tree. It was so awesome to see them turn on at dusk. I painted a sign that we could turn over depending on which tree it represented at the moment.

Every morning and every night our Young Women's President gave a little devotional about the respective trees, and it was my job to come up with a little handout for each one. Both trees have fruit to be plucked, so I wanted to follow that theme. For the Tree of Knowledge...

And for the Tree of Life I tried to stick with the "light" theme...

We also gave the girls a sparkly necklace to remind them to "shine" with the light of Christ. Somehow they escaped my camera. :(

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