Wednesday, August 22, 2012

California: Sea World part 2

Before we left on our trip, while doing "research", I found that Sea World has characters who pose for pictures and do autographs. So I decided to make a little autograph book for Harvey to collect them in.

I just bought a cheap (I think it was like a dollar) photo album at Michael's and scrapbooked an album cover, then replaced the old one. For the inside, I bought 4x6 index cards - without the lines, and we took them to Sea World with us. When I finally get around to printing the pictures of Harvey and his "friends", I'll slide them opposite their signature. Here's the Elmo page, without the picture (man, I'm a slacker!).

Anyway, after I spent my time making that sucker, you'd better believe we stood in line to get a few autographs!
Harvey's favorites were Elmo, and Shamu...


  1. Ammon got a sword like that from his uncle when he went to Disneyland, and it was very loved and got a lot of playtime before it broke. It's annoying that they can be so expensive and break so quickly, but at least they are loved while they last right? Thanks for sharing all the cute pictures.

  2. It looks like you had so much fun. I love the Elmo picture. At first glance, it looked like Elmo was eating Harvey's head. HA HA!


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