Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Calfornia: The Drive

So we drove from Utah... to San Diego. Well, my mom and I drove. Justin had to go on a business trip during the first part of our vacation, so instead of flying home, he just flew out to meet us.

I planned and prepped for the drive as much as I could because I was so worried about how my kids would handle it. I made a couple of things to entertain Harvey:

First, an I Spy Jar. I just tossed in a bunch of little trinkets (Most of which came from my girl's camp necklace, from when I was a young girl. We earned these trinkets for things we accomplished at camp; reading scriptures, cooking a meal, identifying plants, learning first aid, etc.) and a whole lot of rice then sealed the lid on with hot glue and shook that sucker up.
Before I sealed all of the trinkets inside, I spread them out on the table and took this picture. Then I printed and laminated it so Harvey could cross off each item found with a dry erase marker.

This worked out wonderfully... except that I gave Harvey a black dry erase crayon, and that waxy stuff got all over everything. Seriously, it was awful to wipe off, and it got all over my hands, his hands, and a ton of stuff in the "play box." I'm not sure I'm a fan of dry erase crayons. I threw the whole lot of them in the trash at the next gas station.

I also made a little car on a ribbon just like the one at I Am Momma Hear Me Roar (number 5 on her list), but Harvey didn't really get it. I told him that when the car got to the end, we would be in California. He kept messing with it to move it closer to the end because he wanted the drive to be over. ;) Eventually he tugged so hard that it came down and I didn't care enough to set it up again.

I also printed out a couple of great road trip printables from Prepared NOT Scared. Harvey loved the Bingo Game, Tic Tac Toe, and the Alphabet Search. Plus, after I laminated them, the blank backside worked as a great canvas for dry erase markers.

My mom also busted out a ton of books on tape that she had when I was little, and I added some action figures that I had hidden for a couple months so they could be fresh for the trip. But honestly? The all time favorite toy for Harvey during the long drive was.... a pin wheel. Seriously, some plastic 4th of July pinwheel that he found at the craft store for a dollar. He loved rolling down the window a bit and holding it up to see how fast it would spin. I'm surprised it didn't fall off the pin!


  1. How brave taking such a long road trip. Our trip to denver was 5 1/2hrs. We used all things i. ipod ipad iphone the whole way. It worked. I am glad you reminded me how much kids love pin wheels though. Next time I will remember to bring one.

  2. You are such a fun and creative mom!


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