Thursday, April 12, 2012

Resurrection Eggs

This year I wanted a tangible way to help teach Harvey about the Resurrection. The Resurrection Rolls we ate for breakfast helped, but I wanted to tell him the whole story.

I found some golden eggs in the dollar bins at target, and added some white vinyl numbers. (Thanks Kim!)

I had lots of ideas on what to put into these eggs, but after I found My First Story of the First Easter
 book, I knew I wanted to center my eggs around that.

I chose symbols that went along with each page in the book and added them to my eggs.

1: Palm Leaves (Triumphal Entry into Jerusalem)
2: Cow - (cleansing the temple)
3: 3 Dimes (Judas' betrayal)
4: Cracker and Sacrament Cup (the last supper)
5: Red Cloth (garden of Gethsemane)
6: Sword (Peter cut off soldier's ear)
7: Nails (the crucifixion)
8: Round Stone (the tomb)
9: Bay Leaf & Nutmeg (burial spices)
10: Number 12 (visiting the apostles)
11: 3 Black Rocks (3 days of darkness in Americas, 3 hours darkness in Jerusalem)
12: Empty Egg (empty tomb)
It worked really well! I handed out one egg to each of Harvey's cousins and we all sat in a circle. I told them not to open their egg until it was their turn. Before I turned each page to read the next part of the story, they could open their egg to find the symbol and show the rest of the group. I was shocked at how attentive children were!

I loved this so much it will definitely become part of our Easter traditions in the future, although I might add more eggs and symbols to tell the other parts of the story.

We got this silver bowl as a wedding gift, and I have never shined it. (Pretty sure I don't even know how...) But look at how awesome and old it looks with those eggs!

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