Friday, April 13, 2012

Easter 2012

After our breakfast including Resurrection Rolls, Harvey hunted for his Easter basket. He found Avery's first - on the low shelves in our kitchen.

Then he found his basket in the fish tank stand.

They got jammies, play-doh, books, a mini Book of Mormon, a temple passport, some gardening tools, a Cheeto carrot, a dinosaur egg, and some Chocolate eggs.

Harvey was thrilled about the dinosaur egg and he wanted to see it hatch right away, so we put it in some water. Over the next couple of days he watched that little dinosaur crack open his shell.

He was so excited about that thing...

Avery was excited about the bunny ears...

Okay.. maybe just her mom was.

Then we got ready for church. It was so wonderful to be able to celebrate the life, death and resurrection of our Savior. I'm so grateful for the knowledge that He lives... and because he rose on the third day, I will someday too. 

(I seriously love that Harvey's hand is in his pocket in that picture...)

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  1. Your have a beautiful family. Wow I can see why you were sidetracked by Avery. She is so cute.
    The dino egg looks cool. I will need to do that sometime.
    The family picture reminded me your yard is looking good. I was hoping it would motivate Mike when we walked by this weekend, but not yet. He doesn't have a green thumb like Justin.


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