Monday, March 12, 2012

Avery: 4 & 5 Months

Okay. I have seriously turned into such a flake!! First, I forgot to post Avery's 4 month baby book stats until it was almost time to post her 5 month schtuff, and then I'm hit and miss on which pics I scrap. Well.. maybe I'll get them all finished by the time she's married. ;)

At 5 months... (I haven't scrapped these photos yet)


  1. She is sooooo yummy. I love that you do this each month.

  2. I love that you do the cute onsie every month. What a great way to remember when you are behind on scrapbooking like me...

  3. Maybe you have said before, or maybe you don't want to say, but did you design the format yourself or is it a template? I love it and I'd love to do something similar for my 10 month old's First Year book.

    1. I designed it in Photoshop, and I'm thinking about selling templates since I've gotten a few requests. I'll try to get on that soon!

      If you want to whip something together before that, I used the Century Gothic font for the list, Century Schoolbook for the big number, and Ali Edwards Essential Hand Drawn Brushes v.02 for the "you". :)

  4. so lovely!!!
    You are very good!!!

    well done


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