Saturday, January 7, 2012

Avery: 3 Months

I haven't had time to scrap Avery's three month page, and I can't decide between two photos anyway. Maybe you can help? Which one do you like better?

I think this one shows her personality and how she uses her little chubby toes to scoot up, but her hand is all blurry.

And I like this one because she snacks on those fingers of hers almost constantly, but Justin doesn't like it as much because her face is hidden.

  • has started to laugh a little. It's still pretty rare, but we love hearing it!
  • "talks" a LOT! 
  • is so happy. She gives smiles to anyone, and she's generally pretty content as long as her tummy is full and her diaper is clean.
  • hates a dirty diaper. She gets pretty mad if you don't change her right away!
  • is starting to find her hands. She hasn't "seen" them quite yet, but she grabs more and tastes her fingers all the time.
  • uses her toes to scoot her body up. 
  • still loves and requires the swaddle to fall asleep.
  • never went bald (yay!). And the hair on top is growing like a weed! 
  • likes when we sing to her... but she prefers lullabies and Primary Songs over upbeat Christmas tunes.
  • has started to stay awake for longer periods of time.
  • is already social. She wants to be where the action is, and would rather face out toward the crowd then snuggle with me. And she's totally content to lay on the floor by herself - as long as we are in the room with her.
  • has figured out how to spit bubbles. 
  • can sleep a 9 hour stretch at night!! (Not every night, but it's happening more often. Now I just need to go to bed when she does.)
Now.. to edit photos and blog about all the holiday festivities...


  1. Maybe it's dumb, but I think it's fun that our little sweeties are so close in age. They are similar is so many ways! And I always have trouble deciding which picture to use as well, so I usually find a way to use both. Maybe use the first one for Avery's 3 month page (cute little smile and all) and than another page with pictures showing many of the facts that you've listed (pushing with her toes, all swaddled up, etc.) Anyway, it's a thought.

  2. I vote for photo #1. Consider it an action shot! :)


  3. Both super cute but I love the eye contact on #2!

  4. I vote for picture #2. They are both darling.


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