Thursday, December 8, 2011

Harvey: 3 Years

Wow. Where did the time go? I blinked and now my baby boy is THREE.

He loves Curious George (in fact, we are on our 8th day in a row watching "George and the Elephant" aka Curious George: 2) so I thought it fitting to have his party at the zoo, with some George inspired cupcakes and colors.

These cupcake toppers were SUPER easy to make. I found the instructions here, but they required several punches I didn't have. Instead, I whipped them up in Photoshop, and assembled them in a snap. If you want to make them, here's a printable for you. To download, click the little arrow in the bottom right corner, or click the little printer to print without saving. 

Here is an alternate link to download the file: Monkey Cupcake Toppers

They were super easy to make. After cutting out all of the pieces, I just used a flat glue dot to attach a sucker stick to the monkey head. Then I used 2 pop dots to attach the nose/mouth (and hide the stick between them) so it was lined up just below the eyes.

Isn't he cute?
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Oh! And I must tell you about the cupcake liners! I wasn't even searching for monkey liners when I found them (at Smiths) but I liked the colors and thought little monkey faces were cute. (Sheesh, the photo doesn't even show them.) Anyway, I bought them and when I got home I realized they were AWESOME. Reynolds Staybrite Baking Cups are foil lined so they stay totally beautiful and don't get all dark and greasy looking after baking. I hope they get more popular and start making oodles of designs. I will buy them forever. I used this recipe for banana cupcakes, and they were so delicious!

Anyway... I also made up these little favors with lemon drops and red jelly beans inside to give to everyone who came to the zoo with us. All of the kids got a red or yellow balloon as well.

My little guy was in heaven with his cousin buddies...

 And I picked a good theme because man, our zoo has a lot of monkeys!!

I got this shot on accident, but I love how you can see my nephew's reflection...

 And this guy was cracking me up! He just sat there with his arms folded. He wiped his nose once, then put his hands right back in that position.

We had a blast with our family celebrating my cute little buddy. I sure love him!

And I can't end this post without listing my 3 favorite things about him:
1) He shares; his toys, his treats, and even his special blankie. With everyone.

2) He is quick to say sorry. And I hope he always will, as it is a quality that will carry him far.

3) He is thankful. He often says thank you without any prompts from me. I love his little "thanks, mom!"

Oh.. I can't stop at three, so here are a few more.
4) He is a great dancer.

5) He has the best belly laugh ever. I can't resist tickling him to hear it just one more time...

6) He is athletic. Seriously, he can throw a mean football.

7) He is smart. I am often amazed during our conversations. He remembers everything!

I love you Harvster!


  1. happy birthday Harvey! I can't believe he is three either! Cole's birthday is just in a couple of weeks and I was thinking about doing a monkey theme too! not because Cole like monkeys but because I think they're cute and I don't know what else to do! So I might do those cup cake toppers!! They turned out great! :)

  2. Harvey is a good sharer, and we need that around our house. Hopefully he can wear off on the Slaters.
    Your cupcakes are so cute.
    I am glad the zoo was so fun. I can't stay there more than 2 hours. Way to live in the moment and let him enjoy it.

  3. These cupcake toppers are beyond cute!


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