Friday, December 16, 2011

Avery: 2 Months

Ack!  I feel like I'm constantly trying to catch up. Good thing I'm just doing monthly photos and milestones...

Anyway, we are eating this little gal up. She is SO fun! Honestly, I really think I'm enjoying her more than I did Harvey when he was tiny. I just wanted him to grow; to roll over, to giggle, to crawl, to walk. Why? Now I have to chase him everywhere! I'm totally content for Avery to just lay and coo at me. It really does melt my heart.

Here are the next two pages for her book:

(and repeated for the blog book...)

  • is such a happy baby.
  • doesn't like having a dirty diaper. (What a change from Harvey who could care less. Will that make potty training her easier??)
  • doesn't like being left alone in a room, and will let us know!
  • loves both the bouncer and her swing.
  • smiles super easily. Especially when I do raspberries (is that what it's called when you vibrate your lips?)
  • still love to sleep. We are lucky if we can keep her up for more than 1.5 hours and she sleeps between 6 - 8 hours at night!
  • loves to be swaddled, and can't fall asleep unless she's tightly wrapped up. 
  • has technically grown out of her 3 month clothes, but I can't part with them yet so I'm still squishing her into them. 
  • loves "talking" to us. It's kind of like an adorable Chewbacca.
  • still hasn't mastered the burp. It takes forever to burp her. 
  • likes riding in the car. Most of the time if she is fussy after we strap her into the car seat, she'll quiet right down after the car starts moving. Sometimes she gets fussy again when we stop at a red light.
  • loves listening to Justin's whistle.
  • likes binkis, but doesn't have to have them all the time like her brother did.
  • loves taking baths.
  • loves to snuggle.

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