Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Little Mermaid

When I saw this adorable baby prop on Pinterest, I knew I had found Avery's Halloween costume. I set to work crocheting it and finished it even before she was born. (Thanks Rach for helping me estimate the size of my large baby to your tiny one ;)

I hadn't ever really crocheted anything without a pattern, but a few hours of trial and error resulted in this:

And I couldn't be happier.


  1. First, let me just say that little Avery is gorgeous. And Avery in a mermaid costume? Even cuter! You did an amazing job!! :)

  2. Nice job Tiff! It's adorable. I have a box of half finished crocheted blankets. I can't seem to finish them.
    I love the mermaid costume.

  3. So freakin' cute. I bought Malia a costume since I did not end up finishing costumes for the older kids before she was born and have been trying to sneak in time to finish them all while caring for an itty bitty. It's her own fault for coming before I was ready, but I still regret not having the time to make her cute costume.

  4. It turned out so cute! Great job!

  5. Your mermaid costume turned out even better than the one on Etsy! Yours probably looks better because of beautiful little Avery in it! She is AN ANGEL! You amaze me with your talent!!!


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