Friday, July 8, 2011

The 4th: Recap

Our annual 4th of July family bash was a blast (pun intended..) and I'm actually kind of sad that it's over. I had so much fun planning and preparing everything for the party!

We made our usual teriyaki marinated chicken (seriously, it's heavenly), and all the guests brought a variety of yummy sides. Really though, at our family parties, food is never lacking.

I'm surprised I actually got a shot of this kid... he was SO excited to have all of his cousins around and could hardly focus enough to eat some fruit salad and a bite of chicken.

We had to get a crazy cousin picture:

Then the kids dispersed to play some games. The Flag Tag Relay was lots of fun: have everyone line up into two lines; each team marches toward their own bucket (filled with sand and enough flags for each person) plucks a flag out, and marches back to the line.

It was hilarious to watch the kids try to march fast, and they wanted to do the race a couple of times. Although a word of advice for those who want to try it out: make sure you put the buckets away after the race is over. Little ones like to dump the sand into the grass.

The other game I put together was this beanbag toss game. I cut squares out of a tarp, painted around the holes and added scores for each hole. I also sewed 4 beanbags in each color (light blue, dark blue, and red) and the kids could take turns. I thought they could either try to beat each others' score within a timed period, or with only 4 throws each, etc, but everyone kind of just went crazy and started throwing any and all beanbags all at once.

And, well, this is the only picture I got of the whole game.

After it got dark enough, we gathered for fireworks and dessert.

I served these adorable sprinkled ice cream sandwiches (via along with some birthday cupcakes (we have a couple of patriotic babies in our family). They were a big hit. I thought I made plenty, but I should have made a double batch!

And after dessert, it started to get dark enough to actually enjoy the fireworks. As everyone got settled in their seats, I brought out a showtime snack:

I have to admit, I can't remember ever popping popcorn with an air popper! Funny to say, but it was so satisfying to yield SO much popcorn from just a tiny handful of kernels. I must invest in an air popper soon. (Haha, invest: they are like 8 bucks at Walmart.) I had some random white marketing cups from Johnson & Johnson per my sister-in-law, so I just painted stripes over the logos. But note to self (and anyone else interested), I saw a packet of 10 popcorn sacks at the dollar store for next year!

And my all time favorite part of this year's party was taking fun pictures of the fireworks...

And because the "aerial" fireworks are now sold at our local grocery store... we loaded up.

I wasn't kidding. Here's the aftermath:

I hope all of you had a fun and safe holiday!


  1. Such a great party Tiff! Everything was so fun and festive. Thanks for the candle on my cupcake!!!

    Great shots of the sparklers. I love the JULY 4 one. Really cool!

  2. How come your pregnant belly looks cute and mine just looks...huge? :-)

  3. Way to go you talented and busy woman!
    I love the photos, esp of the ice cream sandwiches (we made those easy and fun!) and of the fireworks! That takes skill to know which setting to put the camera on.
    Fun party!

  4. Your fireworks photos are awesome! Looks like a really great party!


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