Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Indoor Sandbox

I am so ready for it to warm up for good. Around here it has been 50 degrees one day, and almost 80 the next! I'm done with the teasing...

Today Harvey and I woke up to rain. And he was sad that he couldn't go outside to play in his sandbox. So, I got out the trusty "indoor" version. (We've been playing with it on and off all winter.)

All you need to make one of your own is:
- rice or wheat (I used both, because I had some rice in food storage that was WAY bad - like 6 years old - and one of our muscle relaxing bags made from wheat had ripped open.)

- a tub to put it in (I don't store the wheat/rice in this. I pour it back into a big ziplock bag when we're done, and replace the extra bags & purses that go in this bigger tote.)

- toys: bowls, cups, trucks, spoons, buckets, shovels, etc.

- sheet to lay underneath to catch any spills*. I fold the sheet in half and dump all of the spills back into the tub at the end. It doesn't catch everything, but wheat or rice vacuums up nicely so I don't sweat it.

**Harvey has learned not to throw the rice/wheat (or sand outside), so it doesn't get that messy. It took a couple of times of putting the fun away immediately after throwing it for him to understand, and the vacuum quickly cleaned up his mess.

What do you do with your kids inside while it's cold or rainy? Do tell!!


  1. I am LOVING this idea. Matthew is looking at the pictures with me and commenting on the "copper mine" that Harvey is playing in. I might need to make one...

  2. Oh my gosh, I can totally see my son inside that box too. Boys :)

  3. Seriously, where is the Pin it button for this?!?

    1. LOL.. umm, I'll get right on that. Sorry! ;)


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