Sunday, January 30, 2011

Refine, V.1

For the month of January I decided to "refine" my cleaning/organization routine. Which I did - and shared with you. So far, it's been working great. My laundry has been washed and folded, my dishwasher got cleaned out, and I've even been making my bed each morning.

While the routine part has been going well, I had also kinda, sorta planned to get down and dirty with the clutter spots in my home. That hasn't happened. Boo. Probably because I only kinda, sorta planned it in the back of my head instead of making it a top priority goal. But other things have been going on around here. (More on that later.)

My original plan for my one little word, was to pick out a temporal and a spiritual theme for each month to focus on, but the spiritual one for January never quite did get figured out either.

February will be different. For the month of love... I've decided to focus on refining my relationships.

... with Justin: 
- sincerely compliment him at least once per day (honestly, this should be easy.. I think lots of great things about him already, I just need to vocalize them so he knows about them!)

-  do the 12 Days of Valentines for him.

- make sure I kiss him - before anything else - when he or I comes home each day.

- try really hard to make this a month of little or no contention. Not that I want to have a perfect utopia, but I think if I concentrate on accentuating the positive.. or building him up, I'll let the little things slide off my back instead of creating needless tension. It's just a little experiment.

... with Harvey:
- get down on the floor and play with him - and his choice of toys - for at least one hour every day. I mean, we do things together a lot, but it's usually what I want. It's sad, but one hour sounds like a long time for me. But I love that little guy, and I want him to know I do. I know I tell him, but I need to show him too.

- say "yes" more. I feel like I'm constantly telling him no. No, you can't touch that. No, we can't go there. No, that's not nice. My goal is to say yes - even if in between the lines I mean no. Yes, you can play with another toy. Yes, we can go there (even if that means - heaven forbid - I have to put on a jacket and play outside with him for a while). Yes! Let's distract you from whatever it is I don't want you to do...

- do the 12 Days of Valentines for him, too.

... with Jesus Christ:
- pray every morning and every night.

- finish reading my "How well do you know Jesus Christ?" scripture chain.

Whew! How are you doing with your goals? What are you going to do this month?

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  1. I am your newest follower, I love your blog! I am an organization nut! That is I try really hard but never feel quite organized enough. I love your ideas, thank you for sharing!!


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