Thursday, January 13, 2011

"Notes" Plate

Every year at our Christmas Eve party with the Keetch side of the family, we do a little gift exchange. The kids all draw names, and the adults buy (or make - in my case) a simple little gift, identical for each family.

One year I made magnet boards. The next year I gave photo blocks with each family's children on each side. Last year I made up perpetual calendars with everyone's birthdays and anniversaries already added in. This year.. I was stumped.

I mean, I love giving things that are useful or personal. And I just couldn't think of anything good. Then my good friend, Kim, got an early Christmas gift: a Silhouette craft cutter. I think I was just as excited as she was for that UPS guy to deliver her package!

We got together, figured out how to use that thing, and I whipped up these adorable plates (inspired by this plate):

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The black is just vinyl that we cut out using the Silhouette. I got the plates at Tai Pan, and I forgot to get self adhesive velcro, so I hot glued it on to the plate and the marker (literally like 20 minutes before the Christmas Eve Party...).

I love how they turned out!! (Kim - thanks for your help!)

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