Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Christmas Morning

For the last 4 years I've wanted to learn how to make a turkey. I decided it was about time, so I invited both of our parents and my Aunt and Uncle over for a little Christmas Dinner.

It wasn't that hard. I asked a really nice couple that looked like they had made plenty of turkeys in their day to help me choose a good one. And that really nice man took about 5 minutes explaining all the details in picking a good turkey, and cooking a delicious one. He had me buy one with a little button that pops out when it's done, which I was grateful for.

Yeah, it wasn't that hard... but it was kinda nasty handling that raw bird.

I rinsed it off, put it in a floured oven bag, arranged it nicely in the roasting pan, then stuck it in the oven. After it cooked.. I was so concerned with making sure everyone knew where to sit, and having Justin cut it up.. I didn't take a picture!! Or the super fluffy mashed potatoes, or the yummy sides that everyone else brought.

But I did remember to get a picture of the place setting.

And the centerpiece candles.

And one shot of the dinner table while we were eating..

Oh well. It tasted good, and that's what counts.


  1. Oh yum...My mouth is watering! I love the holidays purely for the food they accompany!

  2. It looks like Harvey had a blast. What fun presents! I bet he's playing a lot of ball.
    Your turkey dinner sounds delicious and your decor looks great. I'm glad you finally put it together. Super cute place holders too.


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